With Swift Support you save time, money and minimise risk by contracting
for your specific needs from people with decades of experience and
proven systems and partnerships to offer. A cheaper and smarter approach.

Many small-to-medium business owners hire a junior HR manager,
supporting them while they put systems & partnerships in place.

Leverage our experience to save time & money
Building Great Australian

We provide everything you need for a comprehensive Human Resources strategy

• Benchmarking to develop strategy and business priorities
• Cloud-based HR information systems
• A Human Resources policy pack adapted for your use
• Legal compliance such as WH&S and employment agreements
• Leadership development and training
• A range of workplace-improvement programs


Are your staff motivated to grow your business?

Swift Support can help you create the work culture that leads to success in the marketplace. We offer customised packages to small and medium-sized enterprises that include state-of-the-art HR strategy. Get what you need when you need it and you’ll save money, minimise risk and maximise sustainability. We position your business for growth.

Swift Support has systems and partnerships in place to support you, your employees and your business as a whole. Our systems have been tried and tested. They are the best in the business and in partnership with us, you contract people with decades of high-level experience in global corporations.

Swift Support Services

  • Benchmarking to develop strategy and business priorities
  • Streamlining and securing your HR processes and systems
  • Governance and compliance – Workplace Health & Safety, Employment Agreements, HR Policies and Procedures
  • Leadership and Management development

From a basic package that ensures you’re legal and safe to sophisticated staff development techniques to help you retain the right people and nurture their leadership skills, we look after all your needs at the pace that suits your organisation and your budget.
You can’t grow your business without a great team of people. Swift Support can help you create a team that looks for ways to contribute to your business growth.

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